Founded by a world class advisory board

possessing unparalleled expertise in LIB production, raw material supply, battery cell technology, and project finance, Imperium3 has exclusive rights to patented composition of matter technologies capable of delivering the lightest, most efficient and longest life cycle lithium ion battery to the industry.

Imperium3 Chairman, energy storage technology expert and former member of the US Department of Energy’s Frontier Research Centre at Binghamton University, New York, Dr Shailesh Upreti, has developed and patented the highest performance and commercially competitive Lithium ion batteries for use in an extensive variety of applications that, relative to existing LIBs, offer:

  • Larger energy storage capacity;
  • Higher voltage;
  • Longer life cycle;
  • Fully customizable and secure structure;
  • Safer performance against fire and emissions risks; and
  • Lower cost of production
Imperium3 batteries are fully customizable at the cellular level for end users in a variety of established and emerging industries including;

  • Energy Storage Replacement;
  • Renewable Energy Storage solutions; and
  • Electric-Vehicle & Other electromobility products

Three 15 GWh Lithium ion battery manufacturing plants will be delivered by Imperium3 servicing key global markets such as Australasia, North America and the Middle East by 2020.