Townsville, Australia has been selected as one of three strategic locations to build and operate a state of the art Lithium Ion battery manufacturing facility, and Australia’s first Gigafactory. The Imperium3 Gigafactory will become the central anchor of a new-century innovation and manufacturing precinct in the Townsville region; attracting several thousand jobs in both downstream and upstream industries.

Extensive site investigations were conducted by Imperium3 globally, for the three greenfield projects. Sites were assessed based on their ability to provide:

  • A stable political environment;
  • A climate conducive to high-tech manufacturing (i.e. minimal daily humidity variance);
  • Positive local, state and (where relevant) federal government support;
  • An able and accessible work force;
  • Local proximity to port, rail, road and airport infrastructure; and
  • A geographic gateway to key markets
The Townsville region satisfies many of the conditions set by Imperium3 allowing the streamlined delivery of the Gigafactory;
  • A large site that enables a network of upstream and downstream Original Equipment Manufacturers (‘OEM’) to co-locate their manufacturing facilities;
  • Requisite planning approval for the plant to be granted;
  • Enthusiastic local government support;
  • Able and accessible work force;
  • Proximity to major infrastructure, including rail, road and a global port facility; and
  • Stable political environment
What can 15 GWh of production capacity produce?
  • 250,000 Electronic Vehicle batteries per annum (up to 400kms range); or
  • 1,000,000 home battery units; or
  • Energy Storage Systems to support micro-grids for 300 small towns; or
  • 20,000,000 starter motor batteries; or
  • A combination thereof