Mr Mike Driscoll

Over the past 50 years, Mr Mike Driscoll has started, owned and/or held various executive-level, turn-around and board-level positions in both U.S. and Asian­ based technology and consumer electronics companies.

He resided and worked in Asia for 13 of these years and has completed several green field projects for large scale manufacturing including that for Technology Applications Ltd., a semiconductor company which he founded and led to a successful IPO in 1990 on the Thailand Exchange. Mike was previously Chief Executive Officer of OneCARE, Inc., a virtual, Interactive product manuals company servicing the medical devices industry and others. He was previously the owner and CEO of Glyph Production Technologies; a New York manufacturer of computer storage devices which he sold (Oct. 2012).

Mike played an instrumental role In developing a multi-user software company, ThinSoft Incorporated in the U.S. and in Asia serving first as Chairman of the board of ThinSoft HoldingsInc. (Hong Kong) and subsequently as President of ThinSoft USA Inc. He led the company to a successful IPO on the stock exchange of Hong Kong in 2002 and remains active with the company in a consultative role.

Mike was also Director of Finance, Asia for AT&T Microelectronics, subsidiary of Bell-labs.

Mike currently plays an active role within C4V as Director and Group CFO.

Mr Robert Dobbs

Mr Robert Dobbs is Senior Executive with solid global experience bringing new industrial products to markets in mature and start-up companies.

Robert is formally educated in materials science and is highly experienced in marketing and sales of high technology products.

Robert holds 37 patents, issued or pending, and foreign equivalents.

Robert currently serves as COO of C4V. He has prior experience as President, Marketing Manager, Safes Manager, CTO and R&D Lead. Robert is a serial entrepreneur in high technology industrial products, holding ten years experience in he energy storage industry.

Dr Frank Houllis

Dr Frank Houllis is an expert in metallurgical processing which has earn him much praise and success through his career.

With over 25 years of experience in the development and engineering of metallurgical processes in a wide range of resource projects locally and overseas including graphite, lithium, uranium, rare earths and base metals.

Dr Houllis has worked in senior executive positions for the likes of BHP Billiton and ANSTO.